Welcome to The Write Corner


Hello and welcome to the all new Write Corner. Here’s where you’ll find anything and everything related to writing – writing tips, guides, news, views …. Do I hear you say “What? Another writing blog?” Well, yes… in a way. But I’ll try and make it a little different. I’ll also bring in some of my past experiences that relate to my writing and learning process – which still continues, and which I hope will be of some help to my readers. Along the way, you’ll also find interesting writing quotes and anecdotes from other writer friends, as well as established writers – both past and present.


So, bookmark this blog, or e-mail it to your friends and colleagues.  And, of course, I’d love some feedback from you – as to what you think of this blog, and what more you’d like to see or discussed on The Write Corner.


Until next time –


Anis Siddiqi


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