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Freelance Writing versus Creative Writing

“So, you’re a freelance writer?” she asked with a smirk on her face.  No, I’m not telling you a story. This is something someone asked me recently. More than the question, it was the way it was asked… as if being a freelance writer was something awful. This person who asked me this isn’t the only one. I have come across many people who think that freelance writing isn’t really writing. These people believe that creative writing is the real writing. Well, they may be right if they consider writing what you actually want to write for yourself to be real writing, and writing for someone else as not being writing. This will naturally come from non-writers, because anyone who knows anything about freelance writing knows how much work goes into it. This is typing 2not in the least bit belittling creative writing. I would never do that because I am both a creative writer as well as a freelance writer. To me, both are equally important and I wouldn’t say that one is better than the other.

What is then the real difference between freelance writing and creative writing? Freelance writing is when you pursue a career as a writer without committing to a single employer. In other words, you write many different things for different businesses and publications according to their requirements. Freelance writers write to earn a living. Creative writers, on the other hand, write only for the purpose of expressing his/her thoughts, feelings, and emotions. They write only for themselves for the love of writing, not for money. I guess this is why non-writers think creative writing is better… because creativity is involved here. But it’s not always possible to pay your bills with creativity.

Did you notice I wrote “not always”, and not “never”? Why? Because now it is possible to be both creative and earn a living, and this can be done by creative freelance writing. You may or may not have heard of a creative freelance writer – a combination of a creative writer and a freelance writer. It’s a way of being creative and making a living by taking on different projects at the same time.  Quite a few people are taking up this career these days.

Some of the fields that a creative freelance writer can pursue are:

  • Ebooks – a great way of being creative and write for others at the same time.
  • Speeches – writing a speech for someone is a great creative outlet.
  • Scriptwriting – this is another great outlet for a creative mind.
  • Songwriting – this is ideal for poetry writers.
  • Ghostwriting – a great field for the storyteller.
  • Greeting Cards – another good place for both the creative prose and poetry writer.
  • Publicity Material – this can be brochures, pamphlets, flyers, or slogans.
  • Magazine Freelancing – you can submit your stories and poems to one of the many print or online magazines.

Can you think of any other field or genre where you can pay your bills by creative writing?


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4 Responses

  1. All writing is writing and I don’t understand why anyone would believe that freelance writers aren’t creative. All forms of writing are creative. Writers create words to the page. I admire freelance writers because they have taken their writing projects one step further – publication. Usually in the process they will get paid. Getting paid just makes sense to me for all the toil (though I love the toil of writing).


  2. You are absolutely right, Donna. Wish everyone could understand this. Thanks for adding this very relevant comment.


  3. I will post your article to my blog and tweet to my follower


  4. Freelance writing, or writing to any form of commission, is the hardest thing for me! As soon as I have to write something, I find it exceptionally taxing.
    As my editor will tell you, I am absolutely awful at writing what I should be writing. I write anything but what I’m getting paid for! I envy you prolific freelancers who can focus your minds to write someone else’s words, those who think it is easy is because they’ve never done it!



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