Creative Writers and Their Works

Yesterday I wrote about freelance writing and creative writing. One is pursued to earn a living, and the other to fulfill the desire and love for writing. Yes, the latter is creative writing. Properly defined, creative writing is any writing that is done with the purpose of expressing thoughts, feelings, or emotions. This expression may be in any form that the writer feels at ease with – fiction (this includes novels, short stories, plays, etc), non-fiction (this includes all accounts of facts – like essays, journals, biographies and the like), and poetry (which is all literature in metric form).  

New creative writers sometimes find it hard to get their works published. Keeping this in mind, Word-Mart has dedicated a whole section to such new writers. Anyone with a passion for writing, and who wants to see his/her work in print, can send in their creative pieces here. There’s a good collection of them. Have a look, read what you like, and leave comments to encourage the budding writers.

Here’s the link –  YOUR PAGE


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One Response

  1. Thanks for this, I will definitely check it out.
    You’re right on the money about creative writing! Even though so many creative writers want to see their work published (yes, I am one of them) the reason they write at all in the first place is because they love to.
    I’m going to add you to my blogroll. I like what you have to say 🙂


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