Qualities of a Professional Freelance Writer

This is for all those who want to pursue the career of a professional freelance writer, as well as for those who think anyone can be a freelance writer (believe me, there are many people who think so).

Being a professional freelance writer requires a lot of talent and hard work.  In addition to having a love for the language, a questioning and analytical mind, and a depth of imagination, a freelance writer must possess the following qualities:

1. Ability to write. This is the most important quality of a freelance writer. The ability to write doesn’t only consist of perfect grammar, correct spellings, and a good vocabulary. It is much more than this. It is having the skills to paint images with words, just like a painter does with a brush.

2. Professionalism. Like the name implies, a professional freelance writer must be professional in his/her approach. This means being able to deal with different clients, evaluate their needs, meet their requirements, and present neat and accurate work on time. This is what creates a good image.

3.  Organization. Working from home and having flexible hours has its disadvantages, too – one tends to be lax and put things off for later. But a good freelance writer is disciplined – knows how to handle time; keeps a record of projects, documents, meetings, etc.; and meets deadlines.

4. Perseverance. A freelance career has many ups and downs, with periods of no work and rejections. A freelance writer does not give up and is able to look for work in all the right places. He/she is also able to face rejections in good spirit and learn from them.

5. Marketing skills. For a writer, his work is his product. He/she is able to project and market his product well. He/she has the ability to convince the client why he should give preference to his/her product over others.

6.  Ability to handle accounts. Knows how to invoice clients, balance accounts receivable, and keep careful records of money earned.

Have I left out anything?


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4 Responses

  1. Perseverance. Perseverance. Perseverance.


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