Is Correct Spelling Important

spelling 1Whether correct spelling is important or not has been a debating issue for quite some time now. Some scholars are of the view that too much emphasis must not be placed on correct spelling as it slows down the creative process. They feel that the ability to spell well is a natural skill, and as long as the reader can understand what the writer is saying, it should not be such a big problem. Other scholars, on the other hand, believe that correct spelling is important. I personally tend to agree with this second group.

Whereas I do agree that there is no correlation between the ability to spell correctly and intelligence or success in life, I also feel that it is wrong to ignore spelling. Correct spelling is very important and the reasons for this are many. The main ones are:

1. Helps in reading and writing: Learning to spell correctly, helps in learning how letters connect and make sounds, which in turn help in reading better.  If people can read better, it increases their proficiency in the language, and as a result helps in writing better.

2. Improves vocabulary and comprehension:  Generally when people read, they tend to skip words they do not understand; but if they have learned how to spell correctly, they can connect letters and read the new words, which in turn improves their vocabulary. If reading and vocabulary is good, it naturally improves comprehension.

3. Creates a good impression: Good and correct spelling is a sign of good education. Poor spelling reflects badly on the person and may even negatively affect a person’s job.

Do you think spelling is important? I’d to know your views on this.

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