• November 2009
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Stay Motivated When Writing Is Boring

motivation 2Staying motivated when writing for yourself is at times hard enough, but when you’re writing for someone else…. well, it’s not that easy, especially when the topic is one that you’re least interested in. This is what freelance writing is all about – having to write about things that interest your client, not you. But whatever the topic, you must stay motivated or you’re out of business.

In the beginning of my career, I sometimes found it difficult to remain inspired when the writing was boring, but not anymore. Now words flow easily, no matter how uninspiring the topic.

This is what keeps me motivated:

1. I know I am not writing for myself. I am writing for others. I am writing for people who are interested in the topic. They are going to read my words and gain something from them. Just the thought that someone is going to learn something from what I’m writing gives me a sense of satisfaction.

2. I myself am gaining knowledge about something that I otherwise would never have. Quite a bit of research goes into the writing – whatever the topic. During the process of researching and writing, I am learning as well. Learning and gaining knowledge is always gratifying.

3. Researching involves a lot of reading, and while you’re reading, you inevitably hit upon an idea – ‘now this is something I can write about’. A writer is always on the lookout for ideas to write their own articles on, and here I am, getting ideas without even having to look for them. So, the more I read and write, the more ideas I get.

4. A wide variety of writing increases your versatility. You become adept at writing almost anything at any time. This in turn hones your writing craft. In other words, I am improving as a writer on the whole.

5. I will be rewarded for writing. Now let’s be honest here – why are we writing? To earn some money. So, it’s not like I’ll get nothing out of writing something that doesn’t interest me. Besides all the benefits given above, I’ll also be paid for the writing. This in itself is gratifying.

Now aren’t these reasons enough to keep a writer’s muse active?  Just keep these points in mind and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t stay motivated, no matter what the topic.

What about you? What do you do to keep your words flowing? Do share your thoughts and ideas here with us.

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