Twitter is Top Word of 2009

Every year the Global Language Monitor – an Austin, Texas-based academic organization that documents, analyzes and tracks trends in the English language – selects top English words and phrases used the world over. To do this, it uses a special proprietary algorithm called Predictive Quantities Indicator, or PQI for short. PQI tracks words and phrases throughout the media and the internet in relation to usage, frequency, and appearance in the global media.  Yesterday, the Global Language Monitor announced the top words and phrases for the year 2009.

The top fifteen English words:

1. Twitter

2. Obama

3. H1N1

4. Stimulus

5. Vampire

6. 2.0

7. Deficit

8. Hadron

9. Healthcare

10. Transparency

11. Outrage

12. Bonus

13. Unemployed

14. Foreclosure

15. Cartel

The top ten English phrases:

1. King of Pop

2. Obama mania

3. Climate change

4. Swine flu

5. Too large to fail

6. Cloud computing

7. Public option

8. Jai Ho!

9. Mayan Calendar

10. God particle

If you were to vote for the top ten words and the top ten phrases, which ones would you choose? Do share your views here with us.

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