Best Place to Work

This is for all the freelance writers who work from home: What is the best place you can work without any distraction? Do you have any specific place, or can you work anywhere?

Please share your views and experiences here. We’d like to know what suits most writers.

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2 Responses

  1. I need to be at my desk. We have a laptop computer in the house, and on sunny days I tell myself I’m going to sit out on the deck and fire up the laptop, but I rarely do. I need the familiarity of my desktop computer and my office in order to be productive. If I sit outside and try to write, I end up getting distracted by a million things.


    • I understand what you mean. It’s the same with me… I need my desktop and the corner of my office. If I sit elsewhere with my laptop, it’s nothing but distractions.
      Thank you for your comment.


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