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Writing Keyword Articles

Keyword articles are a great way to attract visitors to your website. Keyword articles are articles written on topics related to your website and optimized for words or phrases that visitors search for – called keywords.  Keywords are important because it is only after these words are entered into search engines (like Google, Yahoo, or Bing), that the engines show the sites that best match the words. When the sites show up in search, people click on the links, thus increasing traffic to the sites. More traffic means more sales. Therefore, the better the articles are optimized for keywords, the better the chance for search engines to pick your site, which means more traffic and more sales.

Writing keyword articles is a little different than writing a newspaper or magazine article. There are a few things that must be kept in mind when writing an effective keyword article. These are:

1. Choose an appropriate topic for your article. It should be related to the content of your website, and more importantly, it should benefit the reader. For example, if your site sells baby clothes, write an article related to baby clothes – like selecting clothes that best suit a baby, or materials that babies feel most comfortable in.

2. Select your keywords carefully.  The keywords should be related to the topic of your article, and must be words or phrases that people search for most (but don’t choose highly competitive words). It is always better to select multiple keywords rather than just one.

3. Use the keyword (or words) in the title of your article. But be sure to make it interesting and attractive. Badly placed or overuse of keywords will only make your title sound odd.

4. Place your keywords judiciously in the article.  Don’t force or overstuff your article with keywords, otherwise the article won’t flow well.  The best way is to first write your article freely without thinking of the words. Then go back and place the keywords in all the right places (you may need to re-write some sentences to make them sound right). Be sure to place them in a natural way. Badly placed or overuse of keywords will only make the search engine mark your article as spam, which is obviously not good for your website.

5. Proofread. This is very important because sometimes, when placing the keywords, you tend to overlook errors like proper grammar and spelling. So, proofread and make sure your article is informative, reads well, and is error-free.

Well written keyword articles not only attract visitors and boost sales, but also help increase incoming links to your website and establish trust in you as a professional in your field of expertise.

How have keyword articles helped your website? We’d love to hear your story.

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Writing Articles – What Things Were Like

Time has certainly brought many changes to the way articles are written.  But if you look at it closely, the basics are still the same. Here’s an interesting video on what things were like a few years ago.



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