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Quotes on Reading

reading 1

Writers understand the importance of reading. Following are some quotes by famous writers on reading books:

*  The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it.  ~  James Bryce

*  A good book should leave you… slightly exhausted at the end.  You live several lives while reading it.  ~ William Styron

*  It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.  ~ Oscar Wilde

*  Books let us into their souls and lay open to us the secrets of our own.  ~ William Hazlitt

*  You know you’ve read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend.  ~ Paul Sweeney

*  Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.  It is wholesome and bracing for the mind to have its faculties kept on the stretch.  ~ Augustus Hare

*  The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.  ~ Mark Twain

*  When you reread a classic you do not see more in the book than you did before; you see more in you than was there before.  ~ Clifton Fadiman

*  I love to lose myself in other men’s minds…. Books think for me.  ~ Charles Lamb

*  I find television to be very educating.  Every time somebody turns on the set, I go in the other room and read a book.  ~ Groucho Marx

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World Literature at the World Economic Forum

It was interesting to see that at the World Economic Forum meeting in Dalian, China, time was specially carved out to discuss world literature. Here’s the link –



Which books would you suggest as essential reading for tomorrow’s leaders? Please do share your suggestions.


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Reading Again

This is so good I just had to share it with you. It would have gone well with my posts on reading last week, but the link was sent to me today. Anyway, you can see it now – especially good for the people of the internet! 🙂



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How to Develop the Reading Habit


So, here we are again. Yesterday we discussed the benefits of reading and ended by saying that today very few people read. And here we mean read good books, not magazines or tabloids. It’s a pity, because little do these people realize what they’re missing. Reading opens up a whole new world of knowledge. Now let’s not get into this any further since we’ve already discussed the importance of reading in our previous post. Let’s just talk about the habit of reading.

Reading is a habit that must be inculcated at an early age.  But this does not mean that older people cannot get into it. All that is needed is a little resolve and the desire to cultivate the habit.

Here are a few tips that can help:

  • Always have a book around… whether in the bedroom, living room, or even when leaving the house.  This makes it easy to steal a few moments to read.
  • Set reading times… morning, evening, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, anything that suits your schedule.
  • Set goals… how many pages will you read each day – 10, 20, or as many as you can read.
  • Go to a library or bookstore as often as you can… being surrounded by books and just browsing really helps.
  • Join a book club or reading group… listening to people discuss books stirs up the desire to read.
  • Keep a list of the books you want to read… mark off the ones you have read as you go on. Better still, write down what you liked or disliked about the book.
  • Make reading enjoyable… sit in your favorite place of the house in a comfortable chair with your favorite drink in your hand.   
  • Don’t give up… if for some reason you miss a day or two of reading, it’s ok. Begin again.


You may have heard of these tips before. In case you have, take them as a reminder. If not, then write them down so you won’t forget. They say it takes 6 weeks to develop a habit. Let’s see how long it takes you. What do you say? What are your thoughts on this?


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The Importance of Reading


Reading is definitely a must for anyone who wishes to be a writer, but unfortunately few people realize this. They would much rather browse the internet or watch TV than read a good book. Why do you think this ibooks-2s so? I personally feel the culprit is modern technology – it is slowly taking over our lives.  I know there are quite a few people out there who are of the view that browsing the internet is just as, if not more, stimulating than reading.  These people may be right in their own ways, but I would still say that reading is not only better, but more important.   

The point of discussion here is – the importance of reading for new and beginning writers. Why is it so important? Well, if we go into the whys, there are many. But to mention just a few:


  • Exercises the mind, making it flexible enough for ideas to flow smoothly.
  • Trains the mind to stay focused.
  • Increases knowledge.
  • Develops vocabulary and improves grammar and spelling.
  • Improves comprehension skills.
  • Improves ability to reflect on a topic which leads to new insights and ways of expressing them.
  • Encourages to relate the writer’s thought to your own experiences, leading to new ideas.
  • Opens the mind and stretches imagination.
  • Improves memory.

All these factors relate to the mind and can definitely help you write better. There are a few other points as well, which though not related to the mind, can also help a writer write better. These are:


  • Relaxes and improves the ability to remain calm.
  • Takes minds off daily problems, thus improving general health.
  • Rejuvenates and nourishes souls, which improves the ability to take control of the emotions.

Benefits of reading are so many that it’s a pity not many people have made it into a habit. We’ll discuss this point tomorrow. In the meantime, can you think of any other benefit of reading? Have I missed out anything?


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