Writing a Good Title

Writing a title – whether it’s for an article, a story, a sales copy, or whatever else – is the most important part of your writing. You have to think of every word that you use, because it is this very title that will make a reader want to read what you have written. In other words, it is the attention-grabber. The more attractive it is, the more readers you’ll have. Write a bad title and it gets passed over.

There is no magic formula to writing a good title. Each piece that you write is different, and therefore, needs a different approach. Just keep these points in mind:

 1. Make it unique. It needs to stand out in order to attract attention.

 2. Keep your audience in mind. Who are you writing for? What can motivate them to read?

 3. Be specific as to what you’re offering – a glimpse of the content.

 4.  Use simple and straightforward language. Complicated titles get passed over.

 5. If you’re writing for the web, include the right keywords so it gets picked up by search engines.

 Keep these title writing tips in mind, and you’re sure to come up with some compelling ones.

 By the way, do you think my titles are compelling enough?


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